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Welcome to the Bridgland High Athletic Booster Club!

The Bridgeland High Athletic Booster Club was formed in the summer of 2017.  The purpose is to raise funds and support for all the athletic programs at Bridgeland High School.   Things have been moving very fast and the parent and community support has been amazing.  Thank you.  New traditions are beginning.  We will continue to add information and contacts as it becomes available.   Go Bears!

Our meetings are generally the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm.  Please check the calendar and attend the meetings.   There are lots of ways you can help the Booster Club! 

Purchases by the Booster Club

The Booster Club's mission is to assist all of the Bridgeland Bear Sports.  These expenses have varied from items for all athletes in the weight room, tournament entry fees, specialized sports equipment, banquet meals for the athletes, to  large water coolers for practice and games.  

All requests are submitted by Coaches to the Athletic Director.  The Athletic Director submits the request to the Booster Club. 

Winners of the 2020 Bridgeland Athletic Booster Club Scholarships

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2020 Bridgeland Athletic Booster Club Scholarships.   Please click the link to watch the drawing for the winners.   6 scholarships for $1500 each were given.   Thank you to all of the Senior athletes that submitted applications and thank you to all of the members who support the Booster Club to make this possible. 

Male:    Garrick Aaron, Weston Cadena and Cade Lippincott

Female:  Aidan Connor, Meredith Curtis and Acie Prince

Video link of the drawing:

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