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We need your help!

The Bridgeland High Athletic Booster Club is here to support all Bridgeland High Athletes.  We need your help volunteering.   Below are links to different opportunities.  There will be new things added on a regular basis, so please keep checking back. 

There will be a wide variety of things to sign up for.  Concessions, Sprit Gear sales, bringing items for an event, helping at fund raisers such as the Golf Tournament.

Please consider volunteering at the concession stand for a different sport than your athlete.   That way each sport's parents can watch their athlete.  We can all help each other!   Thank you and GO BEARS!

Please sign up to help at Spring Festival - May 18

There are lots of activities on Saturday, May 18th with Spring Festival.   Thank you for your help!

Please sign up to help at Softball game concessions

All, we need your help please at the concession stands during the softball games.  Thank you!

Please sign up to help at Baseball game concessions

All, we need your help please at the concession stands during the baseball games.  Thank you!

Specific areas we need your help

BHABC members and supporters,

I would like to send a message to ask for help which is something I have been told that I am not very good at and without a doubt have finally got myself to a position that I must now agree LOL. I would like to ask for some people willing to step forward and head up or help in 13 (might have forgot a few) areas that I have been handling and just have gotten in a little too deep at this point. Email Shannon Crippen @ for more details. Please remember these are volunteer roles that I will do my best to assist you with the transition of what is currently taking place and how to make the position and what is does for the Booster Club the best it can be.

BHABC website assistant - Help the Webmaster keep the BHABC site updated with newest events and information. keep up with content such as order forms, events, updates, schedules etc. that can change daily.

Fundraising – Come up with and run fundraising campaigns for BHABC to keep donations steadily coming in to the organization.

Advertising/Assistant and billing – Work with the main advertising coordinator and handle billing for all advertising especially during advertising drives like the one we just did for the fan guide – Currently need to assist with delivery of Fan Guides to those who have not received theirs yet. You need to be very familiar computer operations.

Football Liaison – Work with the athletic secretary to assist when needs come up for the football team.

Membership Committee Assistant - Work with the membership chair and assist with delivery and tracking of membership items. Work with the Spirit Gear Chair (me) and Membership Chair to to keep proper amounts of inventory on hand to fill and deliver BHABC memberships when members sign up.

Gameday Meals – Manage the spreadsheets for all the JV and freshman football meals weekly, schedule delivery times for multiple vendors at different times on same day depending on where games are. Handle coaches and trainers’ meals as well. Did basketball, track and softball meals as well last year.

Spirit Gear Deliveries – I have made almost 200 deliveries since July of this year and just cannot keep up. Maybe a couple of rotating students that have a Driver’s license?

Spirit Gear Store Website maintenance and inventory - Weekends usually consist of doing inventory after a large event. Would like help to maintain items and inventory for virtually anything that we offer for sale through the booster club on the website and have a crew to call on for inventory help to reduce the time it currently takes.

Yard signs – keep track of orders, proofs received/sent, payments, updates and deliveries of yard signs

Backpack sales, warranty replacement management and delivery– Keep up with ongoing sales and warranties - will be future items as well that can fall into this categories handling

Team (athlete) uniform orders – Baseball, football, volleyball and swimming have all been worked on so far this year and basketball has contacted us to get something going. BHABC did soccer, track and softball last year as well. Get designs approved with coaches and get order forms prepared or online orders ready for parents and players to be able to order.

Blow up bear Supervisor – Manage through a sign-up genius an alternating weekly crew to get the bear to and from Varsity Football games and other locations it is requested. Make sure assigned crew picks up/drops off bear and is on time to set up, take down, properly fold and store the bear while not in use.

Volunteer Coordinator - Help maintain a volunteer list and help set up sign up sheets for several previously mentioned events and activities to make sure people are on hand when volunteers are needed.

Please consider taking over some of these commitments I have chose to handle. My plan is keep spirit gear running of another year and evaluate it again at that point. Currently that job alone take several hours each day and would like to ask for some help with that and managing these other items.

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