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2020-2021 BHABC Membership Levels

Join or Renew your annual membership to the Bridgeland High Athletic Booster Club for the 2020-2021 year.  Scan the QR code or click the link to the right to renew online.  Thank you for supporting our Bear Athletes. 

$50 - Orange
$100 - Navy
$250 - Bear

All Sports Digital Fan Guide

BHABC is proud to announce that our first ever All Sports Digital Fan Guide is now available for viewing. Bridgeland High School is the first school in CFISD to go digital, making player information and schedules accessible wherever you go! We will have interactive content as well as Bridgeland Media's weekly, The Bridge Recap, video update on all things sports. Content will change weekly, so check back often! You can still purchase shout outs for your athlete or ads - the guide will be up year round! To view the guide, click here:

Welcome to our website

We are working hard to add information and schedules for the teams and Booster Club events.  If you have information you would like to see added to the site, please send an email to:

News about our Bridgeland Athletes


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Bridgeland High Athletic Booster Club - Quick Links

RankOne Parent Portal Link

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Click below for the Rank One sports schedules.  We will continue to add information to this site as well on the individual sports pages.


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